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soft_garden, on-going, Apis Mellifera, 2024


Api-therapeutic floor

Bass-shakers, mounted on the wooden floor layer from under; amplifier; cables; electricity converter; field recording of a swarm 21:59, looped; perception in process; by using construction there are two wooden sound chambers under the wooden floor layer and bass-shakers turn the floor vibrating ground


soft_garden, on the sounds of the undercommons. The research explores the relations between the embodiment of sound, spaces and resonance on the bases of communities as well as the individuals. An attempt to accent the voices of voiceless and their meanings in community building, as observing          bio-acoustics as a source and note of community builder and binder. 

soft_garden, installation view, studio, 2024

soft_garden, detail, studio, 2024

soft_garden, installation view, studio, 2024

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